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About us – Masters on Silk
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About us

Masters on Silk is an Amsterdam-based company, founded in 2015 by three childhood friends who searched for inspirational fashion items. Coming from Amsterdam, we were born and raised with the Dutch Masters, such as van Gogh, Vermeer, Mondriaan, and Rembrandt, whose hard work, dedication, and creativity resulted in masterpieces that are loved by millions of people all over the world. We were often at international conferences, business meetings, parties, and other events in which we wanted to dress smart and stand-out from the crowd, in a refined but playful way. We wanted eye-catching, luxurious handkerchiefs that refer to some of the greatest works in human history, and all the values and qualities they stand for such as pioneering creativity, dedicated persistence, craftsmanship with eye-for detail, and long lasting success. As we could not find any place to buy these, we decided to create them ourselves! All handkerchiefs are created in the Netherlands from high quality silk, and finished with hand-rolled edges with the help of skilled English craftsmanship. At Masters on Silk, we work hard every day to give you a world class item that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your ensemble, and we aim to give you outstanding customer service. Elegantly stand out from the crowd, playfully hint at your appreciation for the world’s greatest works of art, and get inspired by the values these masterpieces stand for.

All handkerchiefs from Masters on Silk are produced from 100% pure high quality silk, woven with a plain weave. The fabric is light in weight which makes it easy to wear with the same fine look-and-look as the heaver silk fabrics. The prints are printed with the highest possible care with digital printers. This proces ensures that all details are shown and the Masters get as close to the original as possible.